Haiti Outreach Mission

Dental Clinic

Two new dental chairs and equipment have been installed in the clinic with help from World Medical Relief.  The clinic is now ready to expand its dental capability.  Our challenge now is to find salary money to extend the part time dentist to full time, and perhaps hire an additional dentist.  There is only one other dental facility in Mirebalais, which has a population of about 80,000 people.

our mission

HOM focuses its efforts on the city and surrounding area of Mirebalais, Haiti, which is in the mountains, about 35 miles northeast of Port-au-Prince (PAP). 

Our partners on the ground are two churches in Mirebalais: St. Louis Catholic and St. Pierre Episcopal.  They give us a reliable base from which to operate in Haiti and are accountable to us for the goods and services we provide.

St Pierre

Episcopal Church

& School

Fluoride Treatments
Even though fluoride treatment is provided annually to all 1,500 students in the schools that HOM supports. Children’s dental care remains a challenge.

Mobile Clinics

Each year during our mission trips, we travel to

the surrounding communities and conduct mobile medical & dental clinics.

HOM is dedicated to helping the people and children of Mirebalais and surrounding  areas.

Healthcare Clinic

HOM has converted an abandoned building into a healthcare clinic.  In November of 2005, the clinic opened fulltime, staffed by a doctor, nurse, part-time dentist, and support staff.   Children are free and adults pay an equivalent of 50 cents U.S.  Our challenge is to continue providing operating expenses for the clinic, which amount to $3,000 monthly.


HOM provides financial support to 4 local schools with about 1,500 students in the Mirebalais area - St. Pierre, St. Louis, Trianon, and Desvarrieux. Support comes in the form of teacher salaries and school supplies, construction projects, and repairs. Two of the schools are able to provide a hot lunch to students. Our challenge is to begin providing lunches to students in the other two schools.

St Louis Catholic

Church & School