Haiti Outreach Mission

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$5 - provides fluoride treatment for 15 children

$8 - provides anti-parasite treatment for 200 children

$15 - provides toothbrush & toothpaste and oral hygiene lessons for 15 students

$27 - covers the living expenses for our Haitian medical student at Haitian medical school for a week

$30 - covers the salary for a dentist at the clinic for a day

$50 - covers the operating expenses, staff, and medicines at the clinic for a day

$150 - covers the cost of medicine for one week at the clinic

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HOM conducts a mission trip in the Spring of each year where 20-25 doctors, dentists, nurses, and lay people visit Mirebalais.  All travelers pay their own expenses.  HOM makes all arrangements. It is a time of great camaraderie and personal reflection, and a life-changing experience for everyone involved. 

The 2018 medical/dental mission trip is scheduled for April 27-May 4.

Click here to apply to join a mission trip.

There are many ways to get involved and stay in touch with Haiti Outreach Mission. Please take a moment to fill out our online form and a HOM representative will be in contact with you very soon!

Each year, several of the member churches hold fundraising events for their work in Haiti,  These events are open to all.  Check each church's web site for exact dates.
     • St. Clare’s Fall FUNdraiser Festival - October

     • St. Blase Golf Outing - September

     • St. David’s 'Help for Haiti" Event- October/November
     • Corpus Christi Haiti Outreach Dinner - May/June

H & R Block Referral Program

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Print out the referral form and give it to a friend - they give it to the tax preparer AND HOM gets $20 - no cost to you or your friend.

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