Medical mission trip dates for 2016 were April 8-15.

​Trip statistics are below.

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(Photos c2016 HOM, all rights reserved)

Trip to Mirebalais, Haiti    April 8 – April 15, 2016
- Friday, April 8

    Travel to Mirebalais from Detroit (9+ hrs)

- Saturday, April 9

    Unpack & Clinic & Fluoride team setup

​    Fluoride team treats St. Louis Technical School children

​    Water purification system at Tech School is repaired

- Sunday, April 10

    Church & R&R

- Monday, April 11: Mirebalais clinic
Pediatrics:  68        Adults:  79        Total:  147
    Dental:  22

​    Fluoride team travels to Triano village to treat school children
- Tuesday, April 12: Mirebalais clinic
 Pediatrics:  86        Adults:  96        Total:  182
    Dental:  32

​    Fluoride team treats St. Louis school children in Mirebalais and

​        travels to Desvarrieux village to treat school children
- Wednesday, April 13: Mirebalais clinic
Pediatrics:  85        Adults:  105        Total:  190
    Dental:  47

​    Fluoride team treats St. Pierre's school children in Mirebalais
- Thursday, April 14: Mobile clinic at school in Hinche
Pediatrics:  61        Adults:  42        Total:  103
    Dental:  11

​    Fluoride team treats school children at mobile clinic

- Friday, April 15

​    Return travel

Clinic Recap:

    Total patients seen:  622
    Total dental patients seen:  112

Fluoride Team Recap:
    Total Children seen: 1717

    Fluoride treatments: 1407

        (some children are too young for fluoride treatments)

    Six schools visited

    Four towns visited: Mirebalais, Trino, Desvarrieux, & Hinche

Rev. Pere Alphonse interviewed 3 candidates and hired:
    Drcamp Claudette as supervisor. 
        - She has had 3 years experience in the university:  

               Centre Paramedical International (CPI)
        - She was familiar and comfortable with the equipment and

          started doing hemoglobins and hematocrits on Wednesday.  

        - Some microscope work was also done.
    Pierre Cloudette
        - She has had some experience at the Mission Bon Samaritain
        - She will work as an ‘assistant’

​Construction Team

​    Clinic

        - repaired circuit breaker panel, installed dental compressor

        - repaired wires, switches, & lighting

    Water Purification system at St. Louis Tech school

        - repaired wiring, repaired & improved plumbing design

        - installed SteriLight UV system

        - cleaned & chlorinated storage tanks

        - changed water filters

        - provided operational & maintenance instructions for system

​    St. Pierre's campus

        - repaired wiring, installed switches & lights

        - fixed electrical problems


        - fixed plumbing issues in St. Louis & St. Pierre rectories

        - assisted fluoride team where needed

        - assisted medical team in Hinche

(Photos by C. Madar & K. Oppenheim; all rights reserved)

Haiti Outreach Mission

Claudette using Lab-in-a-Suitcase equipment

2016 Mission Trip Report